Monday, March 19, 2012

News Flash!

Hi guys, just another non-related post. I've got yet another genre of miniatures gaming going, so yes, this means yet another blog! But wait - this one has... Dinosaurs!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Scenery Blog

Hi guys! I've got a different blog for each game I play, to keep things organised, but I realised that everytime I do new scenery, that is used by each game, I have to make lots of posts in different blogs, to show it used by different games. I decided that all my scenery making, collecting, painting, etc, will have its own space, on my new Miniatures Scenery Blog. My miniatures blogs will focus on those specific games, and collecting/painting those figures, and battle reports, etc. The scenery blog will focus on the craft and collecting of scenery pieces that can be used by any of the games.

Tsmpaul's Miniatures Scenery Blog:

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Model Trees

A while back, I bought some packets of Battlefield in a Box 'small pine woods' trees. They were great. I wanted a whole forest, but didn't have enough money at the time to buy it all at once. Then, I went to order some more - out of stock. They would order more in for me when they came back into stock. Months passed. I cancelled my order. They came back into stock. I went to order more - but they were already sold out again! Now, this year, I've found out they aren't making them anymore! So I've got 12 bases of pine trees, and no way to get more trees that match them :(

So I have tried out JTTmicroscale, who sell model railroad scenery, and got some of their model trees. I decided to try out some that look like 'ordinary' trees (not pines), and these are the ones that I got. They didn't come with any sort of basing like the battlefield in a box trees, but they weren't being sold as miniatures games scenery, so I guess that's to be expected. I've just plugged them into some slot bases for now, until I decide how to base them.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Toothpick Fences and Chimney Smoke

Wow! Having lots of fun today. Lots of blog posts... I should probably just do one daily post, but I wasn't expecting to get so much done today.

I got some cottonball stuffing that some minis I ordered came packed with, and blutacked it to the top of the stone building's chimney for some smoke.

I also cut up some toothpicks, and glued them together to make some simple wooden fence pieces! I think I'll go and buy a packet of toothpicks, and make lots of L and T shaped fence sections (they're self-standing shapes) to put around the map :)

Boulders - from my driveway

Got some gravel from my driveway - it's the same colour as my rocky hills and the brown/grey figure bases. Adds some more 3d'ness to the table :)

Another photo of painted battle mat

Just another quick photo :)

Painting the Citadel grass battlemat into fields

I've got two citadel (games workshop) grass battlemats that I sit on the table, then sit scenery on top of them. However, compared to flocked and painted tables, it is rather plain. I decided to convert one of the mats into european/british fields by lightly brushing the fake-grass mat with different browns and greens. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, or if it would even work, but it seems to have worked!

I started off by zooming on on southern england in Google Earth to see what farmy fields might look like from above. Then I lightly painted lines of dark angel green to form the outline of the fields.

Then I brushed lines of dark angel green onto the surface of the fake grass mat.

Then I tried some other colours, such as desert yellow and camo green.

Then I did bestial brown to finish off, also dabbing it over the outlines of the fields.

Then I can lay out scenery on top of it, and it no longer looks like a big flat green expanse!