Saturday, May 15, 2010

matching citedal paints to printer ink

I've been making a 'palette' in my graphics package (corel photopaint X3) to try and be able to make detailed banners, shields, etc, that are printed out and glued to the miniatures. My main goal is to have them print in colours that are very similar to the coloured paints (Citedal) that I am using when painting miniatures. That way, shields, banners, etc, will visually match with the figures themselves!

This photo doesn't really do justice to how it actually looks to the naked eye, as my camera tends to make lighting/contrast/saturation adjustments automatically when it takes photos. Basically, on the left is colours printed out on glossy paper, and on the right is paint on paper, with a black undercoat. In real life, they are so close to each other, that there is not a lot of difference, close enough that the printed objects blend really well with the painted objects. I might make some very minor tweaking, but for now, it's looking good.

It will still be a week or two before I have the medieval miniatures I am wanting to paint up, so no photo examples yet of miniatures with printed banners/shields, but the moment I've got something done up, I'll post it on here!

The paints showing here are: scorched brown, codex grey, goblin green, bestial brown, shadow grey, enchanted blue, catechan green, golden yellow, desert yellow, scab red, blood red, liche purple.

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