Sunday, May 23, 2010

Painting Bohemond of Taranto pt1

I'm working on the Early Crusader heroes first, in order of my Historical LOTR SBG, First Crusade, Army Stats Book listing. So first up is Lord Bohemond of Taranto, one of the main Commanders of the First Crusade.

His main coloured are red, white and blue. He has a quartered shield, with the top left and bottom right squares being red, and the top right and bottom left squares being blue. He is wearing metal armour, and a white tabard, which will have a red cross on it. His horse is barded, and I decided that would be red too, with its hair being a pale, yellowish white.

Here's the horse after painting it and applying a brownish wash over it.

And here's Bohemond, blutacked by his lance to a citedal paint bottle, so that his body juts out into the air, and can be painted. I'll do most of his body in this position, then glue him onto the horse, and clean up his top half, and lance.

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