Saturday, May 15, 2010

Paul's 15mm Miniatures Blog

Hi, and welcome to my 15mm miniatures blog. I'm only just entering into the realm of 15mm miniatures, having long been a player of standard 25-30mm skirmish games. My main interest in historical miniatures is the medieval Crusades era, and as such I have recently purchased an Early Crusader army and a Fatimid Caliphate army.

Hopefully they'll arrive in the mail this coming week, or the next, and I'll get down to painting and basing them, etc, and show pictures and talk about what I'm doing.

I've also been doing a lot of research on the Crusades, and am making a series of historical scenarios for battles, based on the Starter Army Sets listed in the Field of Glory army book: Swords and Scimitars. I'm not actually playing Field of Glory, but I've been using their army books to learn more about factions, and what sorts of units they field. I've actually been assembling my own miniatures rules based on a mix of games, such as Field of Glory, and a siege system that I stumbled across on the internet, using some of their ideas, but generating my own d20 large-scale wargaming system.

So I'll be talking more about my home rules system in this blog, and the armies that I collect over time.

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