Tuesday, May 18, 2010

photographic terrain mat

Testing my photographic terrain mat idea. I created a 3'x4' (or 3'x5', can't remember) terrain image from satellite photography of a semi-arid wastland landscape. The idea is that I've found a company that lets me upload a jpeg, and it prints the poster out and mails it to me. So, I'll have to wait and see what the quality of the poster is like. Anyway, this was a glossy print from home, and I've glued some static grass flocking in patches on it, and sat it with a 28mm sci-fi miniature, and a 15mm medieval castle round-tower.

The idea is that if I want different terrain types to battle over, I can print out a poster of that terrain type, then flock it in patches with grass or rocks or whatever is appropriate to that terrain type, and then place scenery objects on top of it, to make my miniatures battlefields.

Again, I'm a little annoyed with the camera's auto adjustments, because to the naked eye, the paint colour on the miniature's base is very similar to the tones in the photographic terrain image, but after taking the photo, the photo shows quite a difference between the two colours.

And here is the whole map, shrunk down so you can see on the blog what the terrain landscape should look like when it becomes a poster. It should be big enough to cover most of my gaming table :)

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