Friday, December 30, 2011

Toothpick Fences and Chimney Smoke

Wow! Having lots of fun today. Lots of blog posts... I should probably just do one daily post, but I wasn't expecting to get so much done today.

I got some cottonball stuffing that some minis I ordered came packed with, and blutacked it to the top of the stone building's chimney for some smoke.

I also cut up some toothpicks, and glued them together to make some simple wooden fence pieces! I think I'll go and buy a packet of toothpicks, and make lots of L and T shaped fence sections (they're self-standing shapes) to put around the map :)

Boulders - from my driveway

Got some gravel from my driveway - it's the same colour as my rocky hills and the brown/grey figure bases. Adds some more 3d'ness to the table :)

Another photo of painted battle mat

Just another quick photo :)

Painting the Citadel grass battlemat into fields

I've got two citadel (games workshop) grass battlemats that I sit on the table, then sit scenery on top of them. However, compared to flocked and painted tables, it is rather plain. I decided to convert one of the mats into european/british fields by lightly brushing the fake-grass mat with different browns and greens. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, or if it would even work, but it seems to have worked!

I started off by zooming on on southern england in Google Earth to see what farmy fields might look like from above. Then I lightly painted lines of dark angel green to form the outline of the fields.

Then I brushed lines of dark angel green onto the surface of the fake grass mat.

Then I tried some other colours, such as desert yellow and camo green.

Then I did bestial brown to finish off, also dabbing it over the outlines of the fields.

Then I can lay out scenery on top of it, and it no longer looks like a big flat green expanse!

Drummers and soldiers

Did a drummer for each team. I'll be using the LOTR ability for the orc drummer, in that the drummer lets those within range move an extra 3" each turn. They can't use the extra movement to engage the enemy though, so its more for quick maneuvering around the battlefield.

Did a couple more soldiers, so there's now 8 spearmen each.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Painted up a bannerman for both warbands today :)

I think of red as a british ground forces colour, and blue as a french ground forces colour (I think I've got that right?).

Anyway, I looked up some flags, and I chose a white cross on a blue background to keep the colours of the blue team theme. I found a red dragon flag which was Welsh, and Wales is a part of the isles of Britannia, so I decided to use the red dragon on green field as the flag theme for the red team.

(I'm not going for historical accuracy anymore, simply trying to make interesting looking medieval themed red vs blue forces)

Trying to freehand paint the dragon on green field wasn't easy, and I painted over it a couple times before I got something that I think looks okay.

Some blue team spearmen

Painted a couple of blue team spearmen up today, to continue expanding the blue team forces.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas! And more spearman :)

Managed to paint up some more red team spearmen. I was going to go red, blue, red, blue, but forgot, and painted them all red :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Another shot of the backdrop

(EDIT: Just added another photo down the bottom)

I just realised I hadn't given credit to the photographer. He is 'Canadian Pacific' on flickr. On his profile he gives permission to use his photos for personal use. (Note: Always make sure you ask first before using someone's photos if you find something on Flickr, or you might get in trouble!). Here's his profile page if anyone wants to browse his photos!

I printed out the sky part of the landscape photo, to put on top. Now lower angle photos can be taken too, without seeing the plaster wall! Placing some of the scenery so that it hides the spot where the picture touches the grass mat is a good idea - helps make it look like a seamless transition into the background :)

Having lots of fun taking photos today :)

Photo Background Image!

I've played around with 'backdrop' images when taking photos of minis before, and I came across a photo of an english country scene on Flickr. The colours looked like they would go perfectly with the scenery and grass mat of my miniatures table, so I sent the guy who took the photo an email, asking if I could use his image behind my figures when I take photos of them, and he gave me permission!

It's a great photo - blends in really well with my stuff! I cropped it so there's a thin strip of grass along the bottom, in front of a lake, to tie it in with the table's grass mat. Then there's a forest on the other side, and hills in the background.

Anyway, way better than a white plaster wall at the back of photos!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More Dave Graffam models in 15mm scale

Printed off some more of his paper sample buildings, at half size for 15mm scale. The chimney on the stone building was hard - so small! But I think they look great with the miniatures :) Printed on mat paper so it didn't reflect everything (unlike glossy photo paper does).

Dave Graffam printable scenery

I've played around with paper printed scenery lots of times and have seen Dave Graffam's details paper model buildings on the net. I decided to try out some of his free pieces to see what they look like. Great stuff! To play at 15mm, you just set the printer to print at 50% scale and you have an instant 15mm building.

At first, after assembling this house, I thought, that is really, really small. However, when you take a photo with a figure and the building, it looked pretty good.

Anyway, here's a pic of a spearman and a small sample house. I printed on mat photo paper so it wouldn't be shiny.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Red Heavy Spearman

Another for Red Team.

Last figure before christmas, I think - as I'm now waiting for glue and more figure bases to arrive in the mail (used up the last of my flat-top 25mm round bases). On a good note, though, I managed to pick up a 80 more bases, at just $1.25 for 10. At Games Workshop, they sell them for $7.50 - so huge savings on ebay!

Here's another spearman, but this one has lots of armour on - possibly a heavy footsoldier? I haven't decided whether there will be different classes of footsoldier, or if they'll all be treated as spearmen, just with different appearances. If I find enough in full armour, I'll have light and heavy spearmen as two different types of figures.

This photo (at least, on my 19" monitor) is more than twice the size of the real figure. I'm amazed at how much model detail they get onto things that are only 15mm tall!

Blue Knight

I did another knight today, this time in Blue colours. Only got a few drops of super glue left - but have ordered more!

Red Knight

Here's one of the knight figures. I've done a red one first, and I'll do a blue one next. I figure, every time I make a mini, I'll do one of each colour. I only really had to paint the horse and base, as the knight on it was painted last year sometime and I figured I'd just use him as he was.

Here's a pic to show how small they are, next to regular sized figures :)

New photos, and new plan

Well, last years sometime, my historical minis and stuff were put away in storage under the bedm while other interests were taking places. I seem to have forgotten all about them! While cleaning today, I stumbled upon a massive unpainted and unglued army of nearly two hundred medieval 15mm soldiers!

I play Lord of the Rings: Strategy Battle Game by Games Workshop, and love the rules. There's a website: that (to a degree) lets you create custom units, and assigns a balanced Point Cost to the individual figure.

My new plan is to individually base all my medieval figures, into two armies of aprox. 90 figures available to each team (knights, lancers, spearmen, archers, armed peasants, etc) for Red vs Blue medieval battles!

I've tested this out on two figures, one red and one blue spearman. I might glue some fake grass in patches on their bases for more interest at a later date.

Anyhow, here's how they turned out. (sorry for some of the pics being blurry)