Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New photos, and new plan

Well, last years sometime, my historical minis and stuff were put away in storage under the bedm while other interests were taking places. I seem to have forgotten all about them! While cleaning today, I stumbled upon a massive unpainted and unglued army of nearly two hundred medieval 15mm soldiers!

I play Lord of the Rings: Strategy Battle Game by Games Workshop, and love the rules. There's a website: http://membres.multimania.fr/l01c/lotrcostcalc.html that (to a degree) lets you create custom units, and assigns a balanced Point Cost to the individual figure.

My new plan is to individually base all my medieval figures, into two armies of aprox. 90 figures available to each team (knights, lancers, spearmen, archers, armed peasants, etc) for Red vs Blue medieval battles!

I've tested this out on two figures, one red and one blue spearman. I might glue some fake grass in patches on their bases for more interest at a later date.

Anyhow, here's how they turned out. (sorry for some of the pics being blurry)

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