Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Red Heavy Spearman

Another for Red Team.

Last figure before christmas, I think - as I'm now waiting for glue and more figure bases to arrive in the mail (used up the last of my flat-top 25mm round bases). On a good note, though, I managed to pick up a 80 more bases, at just $1.25 for 10. At Games Workshop, they sell them for $7.50 - so huge savings on ebay!

Here's another spearman, but this one has lots of armour on - possibly a heavy footsoldier? I haven't decided whether there will be different classes of footsoldier, or if they'll all be treated as spearmen, just with different appearances. If I find enough in full armour, I'll have light and heavy spearmen as two different types of figures.

This photo (at least, on my 19" monitor) is more than twice the size of the real figure. I'm amazed at how much model detail they get onto things that are only 15mm tall!

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